Dunkery Beacon 2019

G/SC-001, Dunkery Beacon – 519m, 2 Points

A trip down to the West Country afforded the opportunity to pop over to Minehead and bag Dunkery Beacon before the end of the Winter bonus period.

Parking at the car park next to the cattle grid at SS 895 406, it is just a short easy walk up to the Beacon along a clearly defined path.  With the wind behind me pushing me up the hill I was soon at the top and set the station up in the lee of the large cairn marking the top.

It didn’t take long to put nine contacts in the log from a wide area ranging from Salisbury in the SE up though Cheltenham to the NE and around into Nelson in mid Wales.  As soon as I had worked the pileup I was packed away and on the way back down again.  Job done.

G/SC-001 Log

Journey Details

Date – 3rd March 2019

Postcode – TA24 7AT

Parking – SS 895 406

Radio – Kenwood TH-D74 + 50W PA on 2m

Antenna – MFJ Longranger

Band – 144 FM

Contacts – 9

SOTA points – 2 + 3

Group – Myself

Walking Route Summary

Route Profile

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