Black Mountain 2020

GW/SW-041, Black Mountain – 703m, 6 points

This was the one.  Success today would earn me my mountain goat award.  The parking is good here but as always it was windy.  It’s an easy climb up to the trig point on top of Hay Bluff, but this is too low and still below the activation zone.  The summit is another Km or two South East from here and is marked by a small stone beside the path.  There was a group of people stood chatting at the summit point so I set up a short way off and called CQ.  I soon had four contacts in the log to qualify the summit and complete my 1000 points.  The final contact being Gez M0NTC from Dudley.  I was glad it was one of my regular chasers, thanks Gez.

GW/SW-041 Log

Journey Details

Date – 12th January 2020

Postcode – HR3 5RJ

Parking – SO 239 373

Radio – Kenwood TH-D74

Antenna – Diamond SRH770S

Band – 144 FM

Contacts – 7

SOTA points – 6+ 3

Group – Myself

Walking Route Summary

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