Pen Y Garn 2019

GW/MW-004, Pen y Garn – 611m, 4 Points

Sunday morning we decided to bag the local summit of Pen Y Garn.  It is possible to drive almost to the summit up the forest track from The Arch on the B4574 but we decided to walk in from the South starting at the top of the road North out of Cwmystwyth.

Parking at SN 791 753, there is just room for one car on the top of the bend.  The track up towards Nant Cwta is overgrown and swampy but passable with care.  You will pass a derelict cottage with some interesting machinery abandoned outside.  The track is clearly visible all the way up to where it meets the forestry road but is overgrown and decaying so take care if you go this way.  Once onto the forestry road it is an easy route up to the summit with some lovely views.

The wind at the top was bitterly cold but there is a wonderfully complicated shepherds shelter on the top with a windproof entrance curled around to the side to keep the wind out which worked very well.  Unfortunately I was without the amplifier having been unable to fix the fault from the previous day so had to work the summit with five Watts from the HT with the Nagoya antenna.  This proved difficult.  I soon had Allan GW4VPX and Frank MW0OFA in the log but then spent quarter of an hour calling CQ with no response.  Eventually I found Keith G0RQF chatting on another channel and managed to tail-end his conversation to get a third contact in the log.  Luckily Belinda had brought her radio so she started on down back to the car to get out of the AZ and make a fourth QSO to complete the activation.  Not ideal but by this time we were both getting very cold.

GW/MW-004 Log

As soon as I had the fourth contact I quickly raced down the hill to catch up and we enjoyed a pleasant walk back down to the car.

Journey Details

Date – 14th April 2019

Postcode – SY23 4AF

Parking – SN 791 753

Radio – Kenwood TH-D74

Antenna – Nagoya

Band – 144 FM

Contacts – 4

SOTA points – 4

Group – Myself & Belinda

Walking Route Summary


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